I am writing about Jeannie Falcone, who has been a house sitter and dog walker for us.

Jeannie is a person of high integrity and extremely responsible. She has housesat for our two Golden retrievers and two cats often. The thing that is most notable is, when we come home, the animals are so relaxed and out in the open. We have had other sitters

that when we return the dogs are anxious and the cats are hiding upon our arrival.

Jeannie is very conscientious about insuring the house in order as well as providing a comfortable environment for the animals. She dutifully attends to the cat boxes as well as wiping the dogs dry during rain events after walks.

Jeannie is is a bright, personable, responsible individual. It is a pleasure to leave our house and pets for her to care for. We most enthusiastically give her our highest recommendation. We would be happy to discuss Jeannie’s qualifications further at your



Janice and Bill Shaw




To Whom it May Concern,

Jeanie has been caring for my German Shepherd Jagger

age 3 and my Tabby cat Purrci age 7 since they were babies.

Her work ethic is outstanding. She goes above and beyond her

duties. Jeanie is honest, trustworthy , reliable and dedicated to

her animals.

When I am away I am fully confident Jagger and Purrci are well taken care of.


Patricia Gillespie




It’s a lucky dog that gets to be walked by Jeanie Falcone.  She LOVES dogs and dogs love her back.  Her walks are a fun time for all.  She is also invariably responsible and can always be counted on. She’s the best!

Elisabeth Garland

Jeanie has been walking our dog for a couple years now and she is fantastic.  Most importantly, Theodore loves when she visits.  He looks out the window in the mornings and patiently anticipates her arrival.  She shows up on time, never misses a day, and takes Theodore on his walk rain or shine.  We highly recommend Jeanie.

​David Turnquist

The Singing   Dog walker

Our dog Clive simply worships Jeanie and we are very sad that she is not going to be with us for the cold Boston winter!  However, I do know that there are plenty of lucky dogs down in Key West that will gain from our loss.  Jeanie is one of those people that you can tell really loves dogs and has been integral in keeping  our boy Clive as healthy as he is for a 13 year old Labrodoodle. She is responsible, caring and many of our neighbors had commented to us in passing that Jeanie does a nice walk with Clive. I wish her lots of luck for this winter with her pet care business!

Best of luck!